Capp Denmark produces a range of innovative and user-friendly liquid handling products all across the world.

At Patricell, we are delighted to offer this range of high quality benchtop products, from premium pipettes to micro centrifuges, the range includes:

The Capp ecopipette is packed using recyclable, biodegradable materials and constructed from some of the most renewable durable resources available, to ensure an advanced life. Capp ecotrade™ program: Return any brand of old pipettes in exchange for discounted new ecopipettes™. With Capp, we will ensure an environmentally safe waste discharge of all old pipettes. Ask us for more information about our ecotrade™ programme.

The Capp Tempo pipette controller has revolutionary features that separate it from other pipette controllers. The Capp Tempo has an LED display for ultimate user friendliness and the patented Electronic Break System (EBS). The LED display gives the user relevant information about aspiration speed, dispense speed and battery life. The EBS is unique to Capp Tempo and allows users to pipette at maximum speed without compromising accuracy. The Capp Tempo is loaded with features in a stylish design and is available in four colour choices. The charging stand and wall holder are included in the box with the Capp Tempo pipette controller.

The CAPP Rondo microcentrifuges have a lot more to offer compared to the basic microcentrifuges available on the market. It is available in two options – the basic version with fixed speed of 6000RPM/2000G, or the advanced version with programmable speed of up to 6000RPM/2000G and a timer function, all operated by two buttons and a digital display.

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