Cell Cultures

Patricell offers high purity, low passage, rigorously characterized human and animal cell types covering a wide range of endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells, epithelial cells, and many other critical types.

With years of experience from having worked with Clonetics and Cascade Biologics, we now offer the complete range of cell culture products from Cell Applications. Cell Applications offer high purity, strictly quality controlled and characterized primary cells, including over 80 different human and animal cell types, as well as cell growth media and cell culture reagents, cell marker and signaling antibodies.

At Patricell we provide a wide range of growth media optimized to ensure the robust proliferation of each cell type. Maintenance media is offered for non-proliferating cell types, such as adipocytes, hepatocytes and blood cells.

In addition to growth media, we also offer growth media kits, basal media, differentiation media, starvation media, maintenance media, freezing media, and subculture reagents specially prepared for the subculture of adherent primary cells.

To complement these products we offer a comprehensive range of liquid handling and laboratory equipment.