Laboratory Equipment

We source our products from certified suppliers. Patricell has exclusive UK distribution rights for Implementa’sCoolHeater® – a small, innovative magnetic stirrer that can both cool or heat liquids directly on the labbench. It is useful in applications such as:

  • Stirring heat-sensitive substances such as enzymes or proteins
  • Temperature control / incubation of an ELISA plate
  • Dialysis directly on the lab bench
  • Recrystalisation
  • Long-term reactions at constant temperatures
  • Organicsynthesis

In line with our Scandinavian profile, Patricell offers as UK distributor the complete Capp range of products and service. Capp ApS is a privately owned Danish manufacturing company that enjoys the reputation of being a dependable supplier of liquid handling products all across the world due to its strong focus on providing innovative and user friendly global standard premium liquid handling equipment.

You can download the CAPP catalogue here:

capp catalogue

We offer: Mechanical pipettes Electronic Pipettes Pipette accessories such as detachable volume controllers Pipette tips Pipette controllers Repeaters Serological pipettes Microcentrifuge ELISA plate washer Capp pipettes are precise instruments made to the highest quality standards. To guarantee many years of reliable and error-free pipetting, preventive maintenance and periodic pipette calibration are of a vital importance. Have your pipette serviced by Patricell & Capp to ensure years of hassle-free pipetting. For use in waterbaths and thermostats, heatable cuvette-holders and all temperable watercooling systems, Patricell offer Prothermal.

Prothermal acts:

Germicidial and complexbinding in order to prolong the use of the water for a period of time.

Prothermal prevents:


Growth of algae

Growth of mold

Growth of bacteria

Development of odour

Deposit of calcium and heavy metals


Savings of time and money due to rare waterchanges.

Protection against obstruction and polution of the tempered equipment and watertubes.

Consistency of the heat-transmittance due to the cleaning effect on the various parts of the devices.

Elimination of desease agents.

The product is non-toxic and can be disposed biologically.