EY Laboratories, Inc.

EY Laboratories is an original manufacturer of lectins and colloidal gold conjugates. Its extensive portfolio of lectins is classified by carbohydrate specificity, latin name and label. To complement this, EY Laboratories is able to provide:

  • biochemical reagents serving the needs of biochemical research in glycobiology, immunology, and microbiology.
  • rapid, simple and stable diagnostic test kits for visual and qualitative (yes/no) tests serving point of care (POC).
  • portable instruments for quantitative assay serving the research, health care and environmental industries.

Obeying Darwin's slogan, "survival of the fittest", pathogenic microorganisms mutate and survive the onslaught of antibiotics, thereby creating new challenges for the biomedical research industries. The new drug-resistant strain of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), masked with carbohydrates, tubercle bacillus, and other microorganisms, threatens the future survival of humankind. Ongoing research into better understanding of this pathogenic virus and breakthrough drug discoveries will help head off this and other diseases. EY's new reagents for carbohydrate, immunological research, and, more recently, DNA-related reagents are catered specially to these areas. As a result of innovative research, EY was the first to introduce lectin and lectin conjugates for basic research and is still the world's largest supplier of labeled lectin conjugates.