Lucerna Chem

Lucerna Chem offers high quality diagnostic and research reagents for cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, histology and neuroscience.

Prothermal, a water maintenance additive has become a leading product and a necessary piece of any laboratory.

• germicidal and complex binding in order to prolong the use of the water for a period of time.

PROTHERMAL prevents:
• Growth of algae
• Growth of mould
• Growth of bacteria
• Development of odour
• Deposit of calcium and heavy metals

• Savings of time and money due to reduced water changes.
• Protection against obstruction and pollution of the tempered equipment and water tubes.
• Consistency of the heat-transmittance due to the cleaning effect on the various parts of the devices.
• Elimination of disease agents.
• The product is non-toxic and can be disposed of biologically.

• Waterbaths and thermostats.
• Heatable cuvette-holders.
• All temperable water-cooling systems.

Clean the water bath and add 2-3 ml PROTHERMAL per 1 litre demineralized water. This quantity is standard in temperatures of 0-50° C. In higher temperatures the quantity may be split into half.

PROTHERMAL normally keeps the water clean for 2 months. The blue colour shows the effectiveness of the substance during this time.
In closed cooling systems, the water and PROTHERMAL must be renewed 3-4 months.