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Accutase® is a ready to use non-mammalian, non-bacterial replacement for all applications of trypsin.

Accutaseis a natural enzyme mixture with proteolytic and collagenolytic enzyme activity. This means it mimics the action of trypsin and collagenase at the same time.  However, because it is more efficient than mammalian trypsin & collagenase, it is formulated at a much lower concentration making it less toxic and gentler, but just as effective.    

Advantages of Accutase

  • Can be used whenever gentle and efficient detachment of any adherent cell line is needed. Accutase is a direct replacement for trypsin.
  • Works extremely well on embryonic and neuronal stem cells; mono layers of stem cells can be grown after passaging with Accutase.
  • Preserves most epitopes for subsequent flow cytometry analysis.
  • Does not need to be neutralized when passaging adherent cells.  The addition of more media after the cells are split dilutes Accutaseso it is no longer able to detach cells.
  • Does not need to be aliquoted.  A bottle is stable in the refrigerator for 2 months.

Cell Lines tested 

A few cell lines thatAccutase has been shown to detach without harm: 

hESCs, fibroblasts, keratinocytes, vascular endothelial cells, hepatocytes, vascular smooth muscle cells, hepatocyte progenitors, primary chick embryo neuronal cells, bone marrow stem cells, adherent CHO and BHK cells, macrophages, 293 cells, L929 cells, immortalized mouse testicular germ cells, 3T3, Vero, COS, HeLa, NT2, MG63, M24 and A375 metastatic melanoma, gliomas U251 and D54, HT1080 fibrosarcoma
cells, and Sf9 insect cells.


Accutase performs exceptionally well in detaching cells for: 

hESC culturing, analysis of cell surface markers, virus growth assay, quiescence assays by serum starvation, transformation assays by oncogene transfection, neural crest cell migration assays, cell proliferation, apoptosis, cell haptotaxsis, tumor cell migration assays, routine cell passage, production scale-up (bioreactor), and flow cytometry. 

Name Accutase
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